The company is a family company and plans to remain that way in the for seeable future. The intent of the company remains to provide direct hands on managerial experience with all the projects being directly supervised by a director of the company.

Whilst design and construction is our specialty, we are also recognised for our versatility where we work with clients on build only contracts. BMH’s approach and commitment to our clients enables us to be predictable. our clients receive value, quality and certainty.

BHM’s capabilities also offer property development experience to your team. We manage feasibilities and are able toast as an advisor in all aspects of your land transaction.

BMH Constructions was contrived in 2011 on the principle that the journey of building was as important as the outcome itself. The building process can (and should) be an enjoyable one, with knowledge shared, value added and relationships established in a collective effort to deliver the client not only an outstanding project, but also peace of mind.

We work hard for our clients, work positively with consultants and seek innovation through collaboration.

BMH’s motto is simple… it’s all about cause and effect.

Our people are bright, our service standards high and our attitude non-adversarial.

Our skills and culture have been crafted alongside management systems.

This proven people / process combination delivers consistent project excellence, which in turn has developed the trusting relationships, valuable referrals and prized reputation so important to our future.



  • Continually develop the competencies of our staff.
  • Share the knowledge and experience gained from a highly diverse range of projects.
  • Ensure consistency of processes across all projects.
  • Clearly define management authorities and opportunities.





Get the most efficient building at the most economic cost through BMHs’ advanced planning of site selection, site layouts and budget estimation. This helps you avoid unnecessary design changes during construction and unwanted blowouts.



BMHs’ design team delivers creative and innovative solutions that created just for your business. Aesthetic and structural considerations are balanced to give beautiful outcomes while ensuring it remains functionally efficient and is of high investment grade.



We guarantee the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients to adhere to agreed construction.